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Department of Condensed Matter Theory
part of the Division of Condensed Matter Physics of the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Václav Janiš
Věra Králová
Institute of Physics AS CR
Na Slovance 2
CZ-182 21 Praha 8
Czech Republic 
Tel:+420-26605-2726 (secretary)
Fax: +420-286588605
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Principal areas of research activity: 
  • Quantum theory of electrons in solids on model and ab-initio level (electron states of complex materials, spectral, magnetic and  transport properties of metals and semiconductors, their alloys, surfaces, interfaces and multilayers; electron correlations, quantum critical phenomena in itinerant systems)
  • Nonequilibrium and transient quantum phenomena (electron dynamics in low-dimensional systems and nanostructures, quantum relaxation and decoherence, ultrafast spectroscopy)
  • Theory and computer simulations of complex statistical systems (formation of surface nanostructures, random and spin-glass systems, dynamical fluctuations in irreversible processes) 
  • Interdisciplinary problems (econophysics, networking)

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