Department of Spintronics and Nanoelectronics

Schedule of Seminars

Unless stated otherwise, the seminars take place in the new meeting room, building A, at 3:30pm.

Date Presenter Topic
3.3. 2010 (Wednesday!), 9:00 Liviu P. Zârbo Semiclassical Monte Carlo Simulation of Transport in Spintronic Devices. (abstract)
25.2. 2010 (Thursday!), 10:00 Branislav K. Nikolić Spin pumping in magnetic tunnel junctions and topological insulators: Theory and experiments. (abstract)
8.10. 2009 (Thursday!), 14:00 William P. Pratt Jr. Spin-polarized electron transport across metal/metal interfaces in multilayers. (abstract)
14.7. 2009 (Tuesday!), 13:00 Lukasz Marcinowski Singlet-triplet dephasing in a quantum dot molecule. (abstract)
17.6. 2009 (Wednesday!), 13:00 Karel Výborný (chairman) Graphene Colloquium.
27.5. 2009 (Wednesday!), 13:00 Henryk Turski Magnetically induced birefringence in ferrofluids of Co nanoparticles. (abstract)
15.12. 2008 (Monday!), 14:00 Stefan Schmult Two-dimensional electron gases in ultra-pure GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructures. (abstract)
9.12. 2008 (Tuesday!), 13:00 Peter Moraczewski Quantum Dots with Magnetic Impurities. (abstract)
4.12. 2008, 14:00 Kamil Olejník Properties and preparation of GaMnAs layers. (abstract)
27.11. 2008, 14:45 Karel Výborný Charge-carrying excitations of the fractional quantum Hall systems. (abstract)
20.11. 2008, 15:30 CANCELLED! Ulrich Wulf Scaling properties of nano-transistors (abstract)
13.11. 2008, 15:30 Maxim Trushin Solution of the Boltzmann equation for the 2DEG with spin-orbit coupling: application to the kinetic magnetoelectric effect. (abstract)
6.11. 2008, 15:30 Jan A. Mol Single dopant spectroscopy and nanopatterning using an STM (abstract)
30.10. 2008, 14:00 Liviu P. Zârbo Semiclassical Monte Carlo Simulations For Spin Transport (abstract)
14.10. 2008 (Tuesday!), 14:00 Ion Garate, T. Jungwirth Weak Localization in (Ga,Mn)As (abstract)
9.10. 2008, 14:00 Ion Garate Theory of Magnetization Relaxation in Conducting Ferromagnets (abstract)
2.10. 2008, 14:00 Carsten Timm Inelastic Tunneling in Molecular Devices (abstract)
22.9. 2008 (Monday!), 14:00 Alexey A. Kovalev Anomalous Hall effect in Rashba systems: Unifying Keldysh, Boltzmann, and Kubo formalisms (abstract)
15.9. 2008 (Monday!), 14:00 Shoucheng Zhang Quantum spin Hall and quantum anomalous Hall effects (abstract)
4.7. 2008 (Friday!), 10:00 Arkadiusz Wójs Nonabelian quantum liquids (abstract)
26.6. 2008 Nataliya Goncharuk Study of Mn K-edge XANES in (Ga,Mn)As (abstract)
19.6. 2008 Joerg Wunderlich Electrically gatable spintronic devices in (Ga,Mn)As (abstract)
11.6. 2008 (Wednesday!), 15:30 Kamil Olejník Determination of GaMnAs Magnetic Anisotropy Constants from Magnetometry Data (abstract)
5.6. 2008 Ludvík Smrčka Dvojrozměrný plyn Diracových fermionů v grafenu (abstract)
30.5. 2008, 14:30 Tomas Jungwirth Tunneling Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Multilayer Metallic Structures (abstract)
22.5. 2008 Jan Zemen In-plane uniaxial magneto-crystalline anisotropies in (Ga,Mn)As (abstract)
15.5. 2008 Karel Výborný Anisotropic magnetoresistance via Boltzmann equation: scattering rates and beyond (abstract)
5.5. 2008 A. Siddiki The interaction theory of integer quantized Hall effect, without localization (abstract)
21.9. 2007 Petr Šeba Modelování systémů s náhodným dělením a spojováním (abstract)
14.9. 2007 Jan Voves Zpráva o konferenci SPINTECH IV (abstract)
23.3. 2007 Petr Šeba O parkování (předběžný název) (abstract)
23.2. 2007, 10:00 Zdeněk Výborný Litografie v Cukrovarnické - současnost, budoucnost (abstract)
8.1. 2007, 16:00 Pavel Středa Spin Hall effect for a two-dimensional electron gas subject to the Rashba spin-orbit coupling (abstract)
15.12. 2006, 13:00 Pavel Středa Hallovský odpor a elektronová polarizace (abstract)
19.9. 2006, 13:30 E.E. Krasovskii Elastic and Inelastic Scattering in Photoemission: a Band Structure Theory (abstract)
9.6. 2006, 13:00 Oleksandr Romanyuk Surface structure analysis of crystals by quantitative LEED and RHEED techniques (abstract)
20.1. 2006, 13:00 Oliva Pacherová Metoda stojatého vlnění rtg. záření v GaMnAs/GaAs epitaxních heterostrukturách (abstract)

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