MBE Laboratory in the Institute of Physics of the ASCR www.fzu.cz
Address of the MBE Laboratory:
IOP ASCR, Division Solid State Physics, Praha 6, Cukrovarnická 10,  mbe@fzu.cz


MBE Method and MBE Technology Devices in IOP ASCR:
MBE method
MBE Device Veeco    MBE Device Kryovak
Examples of Applications of MBE-grown Structures


People in the MBE Laboratory:
MBE technology:
Dr. M. Cukr, PhD. Ing. V. Novák, PhD.
Structure diagnostic:
 K. Olejník, PhD. student (magnetic measurement)Ing. O. Pacherová, PhD.- external collaborator  (XRD, STM)
Technical Development:
Ing. J. Zyka, PhD. P. Zich
Laboratory Assistence:
J. Havlíková

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