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opening the cleanrooms
Opening the photolithography cleanrooms


Building of the laboratory (a brief description in Czech enclosed):

- completing the technical documentation:    Oct 1998
- finishing the ventilation system:    Jul 1999
- opening the section of the photolithography for hybrid structures:   Sep 1999
- opening the section of the photolithography for monolithic structures:   Aug 2000

- completing documentation for building of the new cleanrooms for electron-beam nanolithography:   Sep 2006
- final building approval of the new EBL cleanrooms:   Oct 2007

Click to overview the laboratory.
Rules of operation (in Czech) which are to be observed by all persons entering the cleanrooms here .

Non-complicated photomasks can be designed directly in the laboratory.
Lithography can be performed on substrates from various semiconductor and other materials.
Assembling and wiring of most experimental samples can be performed in the laboratory, as well.

Examples of some samples prepared in the laboratory here.

Contact to the laboratory:

    Phone:     (+420) 220318-###:
Karel Hruska -       hruskak@fzu.cz      -527, (-460, -492)
Stanislav Hucek -       hucek@fzu.cz      -413, (-460, -492)
Vlastimil Jurka -       jurka@fzu.cz      -527, (-460, -492)
Zdenek Vyborny -       vyborny@fzu.cz      -589, (-413, -460, -492)

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